Orbis Productions Limited introduced its new electronic Club Register in 2017.

In New Zealand the management and reporting requirements of Pistol clubs is regulated by The Arms Act 1983 and The Arms Regulations. The regulations state that for every person with a B Endorsement on their Firearms License it is “a condition that that person participate actively in the affairs of the pistol shooting club by taking part in its activities, on the pistol range used by that club, on at least 12 days in each year.” §22 (1)(b) The Arms Regulations 1992.

In practice this means each club must keep a sign-in register for all B Endorsed members to indicate each day they have attended the club to participate in a club activity. The Letter of Agreement between Pistol New Zealand and the New Zealand Police expands on this process, and assigns the role of requiring an annual report for the Police on membership and compliance to PNZ. This in effect means that each club must supply a summation of their sign-in material to both Police and PNZ each year.

Clearly there is a lot of work involved in performing this proceedure manually. It involves formating and printing monthly sign-in sheets, collating the sign-ins manually and a lot of transcribing and multiple data handling.

Part 4 (Electronic Transactions) of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 allows for the use of an electronic register in place of a signature based paper register, in addition to allowing for the electronic submission of  the reports to both Police and PNZ.

The purpose of the Club Register system is to automate this system significantly, providing real-time information on attendance and compliance to club officials as well as individual members. It also allows for rapid and simple generation of reports for the New Zealand Police and PNZ.

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